Ten Things


Wow it’s June already! Does anyone else feel like this year is moving way too fast?

Also, I’m discovering that Brisbane doesn’t really get a full on Winter. The nights get a little chilly….but it’s 23 degrees and sunny at the moment. I remember this time last year, in Melbourne, it was so cold that our bones ached!


Here is June’s Ten Things!

1. My new favourite food and lifestyle blog

2. A look inside Sophia Bush’s Hollywood Home

3. The new vitamin range, now available at Mecca

4. Ten Airbnb’s with breathtaking views here

5. Our favourite coffee beans for aeropress and pour over.

6. Keen to try this natural skincare brand

7. Winter = flu season – here are some great recipes to ensure a speedy recovery.

8. These boots are on my wish list

9. If you’re loungewear/pajama obsessed like me, check out wanderluxe sleepwear

10. How to build the perfect cheese platter

Mermaid Toast


Florida based food creative, stylist and author,  Adeline Waugh (Instagram – @vibrantandpure) is the brains behind the increasingly popular and visually stunning creation that is Mermaid Toast! Instagram, Pinterest, fellow foodies and toast devotees are falling head over…dare I say it…tails for this gorgeous breakfast treat. Mermaid toast is a concoction of almond milk cream cheese and blue green algae powder topped with edible gold flakes. If you wish to create other colour combinations, suggestions of beetroot juice, turmeric powder or freeze-dried blueberries have been thrown into the mix to create delicious hues of pink, purple, orange and blue. More combinations and other colourful recipes can be found on her blog

I for one, being the toast lover that I am, am so on board for this!

Ten Things


Apologies for my silence over the past month – work, life and generally feeling un-inspired got in my way! but I am optimistic about giving my blog some extra love this month.

Here is the Ten Things list for the month of May

1. This stunning jewelry brand
2. My choice of must have sheet mask
3. Has anyone tired sweet potato toast ?
4. Loving the new season pieces from Zimmerman
5. One of my favourite makeup artist’s in Brisbane
6. The benefits of tumeric
7. Wish I could go see the Van Gogh and the seasons exhibition in Melbourne
8. Mecca Cosmetica has your Mother’s day gift inspiration sorted!
9. Ice Cream museum  in Los Angeles
10. These stunning ceramic mugs are wish list material.

Ten Things


April – my birthday month and the month where we finally begin to feel a cool change in the air.
Below is the ten things list for April.

1. Sweedish home inspiration
2. I’m on the hunt for a raincoat (love this design from Gorman)
3. These boots are on my wish-list
4. The newest member to my skincare regime Goldfaden bright eyes eye cream
5. Recipe for a traditional yogi tea
6. Quick and easy  makeup tutorial by Desi Perkins
7. I recently purchased this make-up bag from The Beauty Exchange.
8. Check out my friend’s photography work on Instagram
9. Easter table setting inspiration here
10. Dinner tonight!

Chronic Fatigue and me…


I often try not to get too personal via social media these days. I am careful with what I share, post or what images I upload for the world to see. Not to say that I think it is bad to be real and open via social media…it’s just a personal choice I made. In saying that though, I am about to write and publish a personal blog post.

In the past month, I have met some new people as well as reconnected with some old friends. Through these conversations and interactions with people the topic of health always arises. Questions and statements such as “how are you?” “how have you been going?” “I hope you’re well” etc can lead down two different paths. I can take the easy option and respond with very general answers “good thanks” “not bad” etc. Or I can take the honest option, assess how I am actually feeling at the time and not be afraid of the *awkward route the conversation may take when it comes to the question “what is chronic fatigue?”

*mostly for me, I am not sure if other people feel awkward discussing it.

It is logical for people to assume that chronic fatigue means being tired often, or associated with not getting a good night’s rest. Everyone experiences fatigue from time to time, however tiredness is only one of the many symptoms associated with chronic fatigue. The best way for me personally to describe it is “it’s like having the flu constantly”. Most people at one stage or another have had the flu or a head cold, and can understand the discomfort of body aches, headaches, sore throat, dizziness etc. In addition to these symptoms, there is also cognitive dysfunctions (Brain fog) and post exertional malaise. These symptoms can come and go, one day I can feel fine and the next day I can struggle to even stand for long periods of time. Another way of looking at it is that my immune system is in constant over-drive which saps energy very quickly.

Some people have had to give up work and significantly cut back on social activities. This can be extremely isolating and symptoms of depression and anxiety can arise. Fortunately, I was able to reduce my hours at work so I could keep my job, without pushing the limits of what energy I still have. I have to carefully plan my weeks in hopes to avoid “crashing” – this is when the symptoms are overwhelmingly strong and I have to spend the day in bed.
Exercise is a vital part of treating chronic fatigue, but that too needs careful monitoring. It has taken a lot of time, trial and error for me to figure out how long I can exercise for without over doing it. I can do yoga, swim and take short walks now without feeling like I might pass out. I have been experiencing all of the various chronic fatigue symptoms for a year now, and while I can see and feel an improvement, I have to remain patient and not push myself too far too fast.

It can be a very isolating and frustrating illness. I am very lucky to have two women in my life who suffer chronic fatigue and we are able to support each other through the good days and the very difficult days. (side note, all 3 of us are doing much better than we were a year ago yay!) My husband is great at reminding me to take it easy and soothing me on the days when it’s all too much – he also makes great at home coffee! My managers and team are supportive, encouraging and understanding and my family and friends have been so patient and kind this past year. I am hopeful and prayerful that my health will continue to improve over time.

Thank you for being patient with me.

Ten Things


Does anyone else feel like this year is passing by too quickly?
Welcome to March!
Here is this month’s ten things list.

1. Check out this gorgeous 2.1 meter wide townhouse in London. They did some very clever renovations that made it a beautiful, functional and comfortable space.
2. Some inspiring recipes from this dessert blog
3. The best makeup looks from the 2017 golden globe awards – my personal favourite look was worn by Lily Collins.
4. Anyone else obsessing over floral patterns lately?
5. I’m still dreaming about a Bali holiday – and I’m thankful for the many travel blogs that offer helpful advice and recommendations. We are actually in the discussion of trying to choose between Bali or Vietnam – if anyone feels like offering their recommendations or suggestions, please do!
6. Just ordered my second bag of Chai protein powder
7. So glad this makeup artist is finally on youtube! Check out the gorgeous makeup creations by Ashleigh Cormack – I had the pleasure of working with her a few years ago, and she has a lot to offer the beauty industry.
8. A great website to create business cards
9. 15 air purifying plants for your home here
10. 10 of the world’s most stunning places to visit and stay here